Nuclear Jackal
Nuclear Jackal
The Artwork and Illustrations of Matthew J. R. Nielsen
British Columbia, Canada


I enjoy storytelling, I enjoy worldbuilding, I enjoy portraying people, places, and emotions through art.

I primarily make comics, but I’m also experienced with background art, and my character is gradually improving.

I've worked on several commissions in the past, each with successful results including a 50-page comic, a 20-page full colour webcomic, spot illustrations, cover art, and even tattoo designs. Some of my comics have also been published in anthologies, newspapers, and magazines.

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me via, I can also be reached via Instagram or Twitter/X, but sometimes they messages get filtered.

Publications include:

- Illustrated the 20-page full colour comic ‘8 year Anniversary’ for Monstercat - Published in July 2019 by Monstercat (

- Wrote the story 'Meanwhile' in collaboration with artist Michelle Henderson ( for the Cloudscape Comics anthology 'Life Finds a Way' - Published in Jan 2020 (

- Illustrated the story ‘Helping Hands’, written by Oliver McTavish-Wisden ( for the Cloudscape Comics anthology ‘Welcome to Mina’s’ – Published in April 2021 (

- Illustrated the 50-page comic in 'The Cold and Actual Sky' written by David W Edwards - Published in 2019 by Imperiad Entertainment (

- Illustrated accompanying artwork for 'Forever the Star Finder' from 'Nightscape Double Feature No. 2' written by David W Edwards - Published in 2018 by Imperiad Entertainment (

- Wrote and Illustrated ‘Houses’ featured in two instalments in 'Pulp Literature Issue 31' and ‘Pulp Literature Issue 32’ respectively - Published 2021 (

- Illustrated the comic ‘Then and Now: an ASD comic’ featured in 'Pulp Literature Issue 39' - Published September 2023 (

- Illustrated the comic 'The Endless Drop' in collaboration with Minna Hakkola ( featured in 'Pulp Literature Issue 22' - Published March 2019 (

- Wrote and illustrated the comic ‘Luke & Leena’ which was featured in ‘BANG! Magazine - Issue 17’ - Published in August 2019 (

- Wrote and illustrated the comic 'Why?' which was featured in 'Sequential Canadian Independent Comic Book Magazine - Vol 01' - Published in Jan 2019 by CanComicsWiki ( (

- Illustrated the logo for the Library Foundation of Hillsboro's Generous Words campaign (

- Illustrated various product artworks for Military History Visualized (

- Illustrated product artwork for Military Aviation History (

- Illustration 'Waking City' featured first in the accompanying catalogue for the 'Drawing Connections' exhibition held by the Siena Art Institute - Published 2011 Siena Art Institute (


“During my time working with Matthew, he was responsive, swift and conscientious in his work. He communicates well and I was very happy with how he realized the commissioned designs. It’s been a pleasure to work together and I will certainly commission further artworks from him. – Christoph Bergs, Military Aviation History” - Military Aviation History (


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